Oh Christmas Tree

9:25 PM

So, I've been sick....again. I guess the fact that I haven't experienced a winter in over 3 years...and moving to a new country where they have foreign germs.... means that I am one sick puppy. I've had some virus since friday...and there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I was feeling better but now i'm getting tonsilitis again. Oh joy!  But, if there is one up side to being sick, it's the fact that my sweet husband has taken off work and taken care of me....and Milo. 

 He has let me sleep in, brought me orange juice and fruit in bed, decorated our christmas tree, helped out with Milo, and given me lots of love--I mean that is the best medicine after all. 

Didn't he do an awesome job?!

 Milo loved the ornaments... 

This week, Milo learned what the word "No" means. She was going for an ornament and JR said no (in a calm humorous stern voice :) 

She burst into tears....just like she did this time....

 She stops whatever it is she is doing, but she gets so sad...  breaks my heart :(  Then I look at pictures like this and I am happy again. 

And this ladies, is my stud of a husband... I love this picture. JR is so goofy and dorky all the time, but I feel like you really get to see his soul in pictures like this one... 

I think my hubbs is awesome... Moving this far, well it's wonderful, but hasn't been a cakewalk. Its hard for both of us..... but he is still my honey bunches of oats. 

Milo has also learned how to climb on and off the coffee table....as well as the couch. I envision more bumps and bruises in the near future.

 She has been walking in short spurts (3 or 4 steps) throughout the day. 

She has been congested and isn't sleeping well at night. Last night I pulled her into bed with me and she woke me and JR up with her snoring. When she wasn't snoring, she was flailing around whacking me in the face :) let's hope that we all sleep a little better tonight. So off we go. Good night and 

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