My Week in iPhone pics

6:31 PM

Milo has a new smile....isn't it cute :)

Walking in london. 

All these people are dressed as Santa!!!!

A few were even in Speedos...and it was COLD!!!

I also went to the market with my neighbors...It was at an old horse barn...the shops were in the stalls. 

And they had this purse I wanted sooooo bad.... I took a picture of it to show my husband my restraint. lol

In honor of the cold weather, I made Beef Stew. I love the tiny baby carrots and baby potatoes. It made me feel like a giant. 

Just outside my Gym... so pretty. 

Who wants to go swimming? 

Milo kept threatening to drop my lock down in the bench... she never did...just taunting me. 

And another cute shot of milo!

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