Milo's First Christmas!

11:49 PM

I hope you all had a great Christmas! I know we did.  Tomorrow I have some family coming in town to visit…..My sister, brother-in-law, niece, 2 brothers, and grandparents…..all staying in our home. It's going to be full of laugher, love, chit chat, and probably a few quarrels with all 4 siblings together again…. and I can't wait. When we were teenagers and we actually fought each other, my sister always won because she had a fool proof plan. She would corner herself in against the kitchen cabinets and kick anytime I got close. Her legs were longer so I couldn't ever reach her without getting kicked. I eventually just gave up. But, I don't think she has quite the stamina these days. So, if a situation should arise, I think I will have a leg up :) Anyway. on to Christmas. I wanted to post some pictures of Milo's First Christmas before we got caught up in sight seeing with all our family. 

Every Christmas growing up, my family always opened presents on Christmas eve and we always got pjs...and we would all put them on and take our picture in front of the Christmas tree. So, here's our photo. 

We didn't even wrap Milo's Christmas presents on Christmas morning. We just draped them and let her Unveil them. First were blocks.... Daddy has been playing builder and Milo has been playing Godzilla.

The second was her wheelybug Bull. She has been pushing this thing around everywhere.

My parents sent her a dance and sing station.
  Then a walker from our 3rd Family, the Underwoods

Our neighbors invited us over for Christmas Dinner.... Milo was great and we had a wonderful time...

Then we got home and she turned into a sad sally... tired and worn out from her big day..

Climbing up all over me.

Isn't her outfit cute?! Top was £4.95 at H&M (heather and Milo's store).

Then she was happy again after some Milk and a snuggle.

Ready to play some more with Daddy

On Christmas, Milo decided that she was going to walk pretty much everywhere. She still falls, but she walks all over the place..... Video to come soon.

Milo is getting ready for bed.

So that was our Christmas... it was simple but wonderful.  

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