Milo's Christmas Gifts!

10:03 PM

I just ordered some gifts for Milo. I didn't plan on getting Milo much for Christmas. I mean, does she really need anything? But then I started realizing that she has changed a lot recently and she needs some toys that are for older babies. I am super excited about the 2 things I got on amazon--so I thought I would share.... 

First, the Wheelybug. Milo has played with one before and loved it. I chose the cow pattern bc it's unisex-- I try to pick unisex for toys so our future babes can use them too.  I'm super excited about this one. I can't wait to push her around on this thing. 

The second thing I got for her is just a set of blocks. Every kid needs a set of wooden blocks. Plus they are even colored.... Mine were just plain wood when I was little.....and they come in this little container that I can store them in. 
I think these are great toy choices because they will last her for a long long time.....and they can be used by kids to come. Just wanted to share in case some of you are stuck on what to get for your little ones. But Milo's birthday is January 19th. I don't know what we will get her then. Is it bad to put money in savings for college or something?! We are also going to be getting her some bath toys, a first christmas ornament, and I got a cute knit blanket on sale :) 

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