Milo Minute: My little pony

12:02 PM

One Year ago this weekend JR and I were having our maternity photos taken.... I mean Whoah!!! the time has flown..... and our lives are so different. This weekend last year....

I was living in hawaii...37 weeks pregnant....

Hoping Milo would make her arrival early. Walking, drinking tea, swinging....trying to get her closer and closer to the outside world. I used to sing "swing Low sweet chariot" to Milo but changed the words to "Milo, Milo Booker, Milo, it's time to come out" 

Really though, I loved being pregnant. I had a great pregnancy... Minus the acid reflux, back pain, sleep deprivation, nausea, swelling, weight gain....but I mean, I felt like it was a small price to pay. I'm starting to miss being pregnant. 

We tried to soak up our last few weeks of freedom. Going out on dates and to the movies. 
JR hates this photo. I love it :)
 Obsessing over having everything ready for Milo...even though in the end I only really need 30% of that. If you've worked with me or know me well, you know I am a little over prepared.


One year later.....We live in London...

 Milo is almost 11 months old..... That means she's almost one.... 
(excuse me while I blow my nose and cry like a baby)

Milo is learning so much. She can now stack discs on posts... Daddy taught her that. 
(its the little toy in the back right of this picture).

She Has 2 little snuggle suits that she wears when we go out in the cold. She's like a little stuffed animal... super squeezable 

She LOVES the vacuum cleaner.  

Can you catch her whipping her hair in the wind from the vacuum.

 She loves Jesus :)... well she likes to play with daddy's Bible. It's a good start. 

She likes to brush her hair... she'll want to brush yours to but don't give in. She pretty much just bangs on your head with the big brush. 

 I was fixing breakfast in the kitchen and came in to see this.... She was watching mickey mouse club house. Its her favorite show. She dances to it. So i guess she knows how to climb up onto the couch. 

Today, she is wearing her first pony 11 months!...a pony tail!!!!  A cute little pony

Milo took 10 steps in a row yesterday. 

We her teaching her to blow her nose. She gets that she needs to blow out when you put the kleenex up there. But her nose blowing attempts have yet to produce and....well, you know... boogies. 

I can't believe so much has happened in this past year. Time kinda warps. It feels like forever, but like it all happened in the blink of an eye if that makes any sense.... 

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