Milo Look Alike

8:00 AM

Milo looks a lot like JR.... When she was born she was identical to him. Like scary identical. I was a bit worried for her ( I kid). But as she has gotten older her looks are changing... and she seems to have another look alike.... ME!....Let's do a few comparisons....

Exhibit A:
Check out that carseat.... 

B: Me... Snoozing 

C: Me and My Mom... Believe it or not, I had never seen a picture of me this young until recently. 
Aren't I an ugly baby?!... Isn't that an ugly top.... But those lips...I definitely got my mom's lips

D: This is me with my great grandfather...Papaw Mac

E: This picture really makes me think of Milo... I couldn't quite find the perfect shot. I don't have many of Milo not smiling....and evidently I'm depressed and never smiled... or they just never captured it. I guess they didn't have digital where they could just click away. 

F: I love this picture of me... I mean, the tweety bird sweatshirt it priceless. 

So, there you have it.... Milo really is my daughter. What do you think? 

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