Father Christmas: Milo's Meets Santa

11:47 AM

Welcome to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park....

The Winter Wonderland fair  has food booths, a craft market....rides, games....and most important--Father Christmas. 

The little elf recommended holding Milo for fear that she may pull Santa's beard and spoil the surprise for all the other kiddies waiting in line. I obliged. 

Milo Just looked at him like he was crazy dressed up like that. She played with his beard and robe

She is not crying in this picture..she's going "ooooh!" 

All in all I think she enjoyed it... even if the only reason was that Santa looked crazy. 

Keeping it short and sweet today because I've got some present wrapping and stuff to do. I have been making a ton of gifts. I wish I could share them with you, but it would kinda spoil the surprise... but I will tell you late and you can make them for birthdays, hostess gifts, or just for the heck of it. 

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