Battling the Mondays....

8:00 AM

Not only is it Monday, but it's the day after Christmas....which means it's a bit of a downer. Have no fear. to cheer you up, I thought I'd share a few other great blogs.

Hi everyone!! It's Crystal from Mason's Mama. I blog over at Things you may find on my blog include daily adventures with a {now} toddler, mommyhood, trips, recipes, crafts and lots of pictures. But let's be real, it's mostly about my little boy Mason Lane. We welcomed Mason into our lives in May of 2010 after trying for over 2 years. He's such a blessing to us and we couldn't be any more proud. Mason's awesome Daddy, {Nathan} and I have been together for 15 years and married for 5. That's half of our lives!! Come on over and say hi. I'd love to meet you and follow your blog!!

Sweet Green Tangerine is just a quirky blog where I share the things I learn & experience in this crazy world I live. I am an Army wife & mom of two. Photography hobbyist. Obsessive thrifter. Novice Sewer. Indie music addict. Book worm & best friend. I am learning to take life one identity crisis at a time.

Hey there!! I'm Renee from A Shoe that Fits! I'm Mama to my gorgeous baby boy, Wife to Hubby, new gardener,
crafter, wannabe photographer, excessive exclamation mark user and newbie in yesterday!! This is home
to all my ramblings and photo dumps!! Welcome!!"
Renee from A Shoe that Fits

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