So Over the Honeymoon Phase

8:16 AM

Its starting to get cold here. In the middle of the night last night, I was literally shaking from chills. I slid my cold feet over to my sweet and loving husband.....the whispered "will you cuddle with me. I'm cold" while my teeth were chattering. Our last Winter together was 07/08. It was our first since we were married. So, last night, as I expected my sweet husband rolled over and wrapped his big warm arms around me as he did that winter. Then, in a soft whisper, he said, "You can't sleep next to me if you're going to be shaking like that."............. :o Say what?! ....and that, my friends, is how you know the honeymoon phase is over.

I woke up with a 103.2 fever.... YAY!

In his defense, he did help with Milo last night. and ended up snuggling with me later on in the night--once I stopped shaking. lol

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