One of those Weeks....

10:52 PM

It's just been one of those weeks.

Monday Virgin Media came to install our internet/cable, were 3 hours late.....only to tell me that the house did not have the proper wiring and they couldn't do it till the problem was fixed. We also discovered that Milo has Eczema--just another thing she got from her daddy. The hard water here is killer on her poor skin.

Tuesday, I called to have an electrician come then called to reschedule our installation. The earliest they have is November 24th! Seriously?!?!?! Milo and I went to a mall nearby and the craft store. We had a great time.

Wednesday, Milo and I walked to the Local farm shop with our neighbor (4.25 miles roundtrip). We both came home and crashed.

Thursday, Milo woke up with a fever! great! The electrician came by and informed me that we do in fact have the correct wiring. Say WHAT?! I feel like I am in an Alanis Morissette song. This has been a nightmare. I called Virgin Media and they moved us up to the 14th..... but technically if their installation technician knew what he was doing, we would already have our TV and Internet. But on the bright side Milo's eczema is improving since we got the shower filter.

Today, I went with my neighbor and her friend to a Christmas fair. It was the highlight of our week! Although, to fit in with the rest of the week, we got rained on. Tonight Milo decided she didn't want to go to after 45 minutes of trying to get her to sleep, we gave up. She went to bed a little bit ago....

When we were in Hawaii, she woke up 1-2 times in a 12 hour period. Now she wakes up every 3 hours--if not more often. I know we have gone through a huge transition, but I'm starting to worry that this is the new norm.

Being a Mom is hard work. Not only is it a 24/7 job..... You feel that you are personally responsible, if something isn't going as you think it should. Like, I feel that I am not doing something right if Milo is not sleeping longer. It's a lot of pressure.

It's one thing to have a baby. It's a completely different thing to raise them.

Maybe, just maybe, I have something to do with Milo's personality or temperament... and that makes the hard times a little bit easier to handle.

They start out so cute and innocent... 

Then they become mischevious :) You see that look in her eyes... Yeah, she's up to something. 

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