My 21st Century Husband

8:49 PM

So today is take 2 of the Virgin Media installation. Please pray they actually get it in this time....for their sake :) I have been without TV or internet of my own for forever... I'm bound to go crazy on them if they don't get it done. (we all know that I am too nice to actually go crazy, but I could possibly be a little rude :) 

This, my friends, is my amazing 21st century husband..... We definitely aren't perfect, but when I walk into the living room and see this--it's hard not to feel blessed. 

Milo is getting so big. Looking like a little girl instead of a baby. She is almost 10 months old...which means she's almost a year old....which means she's practically 18 :( 

Whenever I look at Milo and she looks like she changed overnight, I know it's time for a photo-op. For some reason, when she woke up yesterday, she looked older. Bigger. So I forced her to cuddle with me a little longer than usual and then took some pictures. 

Don't you just want to squeeze her. I know I do. I feel like Elmyra Duff... 

I'm going to hold you and squeeze you and call you my squishy! 

Sometimes I think I'm going to squeeze her to death. 

I think the change is in her eyes. She seems like she knows what's going on and she is always thinking and studying. She has learned how to wave. This is mid-wave. 

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