Milo Minute

9:00 AM

One of the hard things about being away from home is missing all my family and friends....But, it's also hard because my family and friends don't get to know Milo. Sure they see pictures and read about the new things she can do, but she has developed such a little personality. So, since you can't see Milo on a regular basis, the best I can do is tell you a bit about all her cute quirks.

Her hair is 5 inches long--I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't measured it myself.

She loves bouncing racket balls

She loves to drink water out of a regular cup

She loves the sound apples make when she bites into them. She just keeps chomping and pushing the apple into her mouth until her cheeks are completely full.

When you put her down for bed or a nap, she likes to be bounced while you hum the Bear Necessities soft and slow. She always falls asleep leaning on my right arm.

She is getting to be a fast crawler....and a loud one. It's like a herd of baby elephants when she books it down the hall.

Milo's favorite veggies are broccoli, brussel sprouts, and avocado. Her favorite fruits are grapes, watermelon, and apples.

She used to love being thrown up in the air until JR missed catching her and she face-planted into his shoulder. Now she gets all nervous when you throw her up.

She now prefers the mommy tower of terror (as JR likes to call it). I hold her and drop her down (while still holding her) really quick. She loves it when JR does it too.

She is learning to wave hi. She holds both hands in the hair and does the grabby hand wave. She waves at everything....She waves hi and bye to me and JR like every 5 seconds.

She puts a blanket over her head and plays peek-a-boo with you. Well, really Peek-a-whoooo....that's what she says instead of Boo.

I'm trying to teach her how to blow kisses. No luck yet. 

JR and Milo play hide and seek in bed. He covers up with pillows and calls for her. She lifts up the pillow and peeks around inquisitively. Then they both start laughing. I probably shouldn't mention that JR used to play this game with Oliver, our dog. lol

When she finds something intriguing, she says oooooooh in a really deep voice.

When she is determined to get something, she pushes her lips out then starts sniffing loudly in and out of her nose and goes for it. Its bizarre.

When Milo and I are in the bath and JR comes to get her out, she frantically goes to the opposite corner of the tub and climbs up on my shoulder trying to get away from him. She loves bath time.

She loves giving kisses....especially slobbery open mouth ones. And she likes to suck face... literally--particularly my chin.

She has this really annoying High pitch whiny cry. It means she wants you to pay attention to her. It's usually followed by Ma Ma Ma Ma

She thinks everything is funny.... Like she will randomly laugh. Just one short ha to herself.

Look at that mischievous look. I feel like I can see her future in this picture. 

She prefers to ride facing forward in our carrier and she pushes the stroller. She hasn't quite mastered steering yet.

She has hit that phase where she wants to feed me her food. Luckily, she eats regular food so I don't mind. But she shoves it into my mouth.....even after I take a bite, she keeps trying to get me to eat more.  She's just looking out for me.

When you lay her down to sleep, she immediately rolls over to her tummy and tucks her legs in. That's how she sleeps all the time.

She now finds it funny to use JR's belly as a drum. I am proud to say, I taught her that. "Under the Sea" is the usual jam.

She has started this head shaking thing. Like whipping her hair. It's hilarious.

Her current favorite toy is her walker. She pushes it around all day...then gets mad when she runs into things....and backs that thing up. 

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