French Market

9:38 PM

So, I'm happy to report that I am on the mend from a severe case of tonsilitis. My fever got up to 104.5 and stayed at that level for a long period of time even with medication. I thought I was going to have to educate JR on what to do if he wakes up and I'm lethargic or unconscious. Thankfully, I sweat it out. Since I have been preoccupied with Milo and I being sick, I have yet to blog about the French Market we went to.   Well, I'm not trying to rub it in but, it was pretty awesome.

They had wonderful Italian candies and pastries. I guess they were bummed they don't have an Italian they are crashing the French one. I'm glad they did.

So, I don't always like being that girl-- the one that looks like a dork taking pictures at the most random things like pastries  is always looking through the camera lens instead. I want to blend in and enjoy myself. I have developed this fun little technique. 

These are wonderful!!!!!

I put the camera around my neck. Don't look through the view finder, and snap pictures... It's strangely liberating. I'm not concerned whether I get amazing shots. I just wanna have fun and enjoy myself and document it at the same time. Then I get home and am always pleased by some of the shots I get.  Plus it's incognito and I don't look like a tourist who is asking to be pick-pocketed. 

I got 2 scarves...

I'm cheese illiterate, but they looked good. 

Look how massive this skillet is. Can you imagine cleaning that. 

I must admit, I have sort of a jam addiction. 


I wish I had one of each of these in my kitchen.... I was drooling. 

Now, when I saw this I thought that it was neat and I should buy some lavender, but what do you do with it?!?!?!.... then I saw this post at Crunchy betty and am seriously regretting not buying any. 

Check out the marshmallow snake. 

This is now JRs favorite bread....I had to take the bag from him so he didn't eat it all. It was supposed to be half mine after all. 

Yay for the French and their markets. 

In other news, We picked up our car today. We have been pretty much car-less so far. We can't drive it just yet....but so so so so close. JR failed his written driving test today. I don't know if I'm supposed to tell you that, but oh well. :) I failed my written test 3 times when I got my permit in the US. They showed me a school crossing sign and I said it was a shopping crossing sign.... True story. I mean have you looked at the sign lately. 

What kid carries an object that looks like a shopping bag or briefcase to school? And why is the adult carrying a bag too? Why are they so close in height? Doesn't it look like a two adults? and if it's supposed to be an adult taking a kid to school, it's less common that it would be a dad. If it's 2 kids, Why is the boy taller? I mean kids are pretty much the same height till high school. 

I'm just too smart for these tests I tell you. 

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