SunBaby Cloth Diaper Review

9:30 AM

I have been cloth diapering Milo majority of the time since she was about 5 weeks old. Several people have asked me about the cloth diapers I use. I wanted to put it on the blog so that people can read the full review. I originally used fuzzibunz perfect fit when Milo was smaller. I loved them, but they were pretty pricy. So when Milo outgrew them, I wanted to try and find a cheaper alternative. I found SunBaby and had read good reviews. I wanted to do my own review to help other moms out there decide. Initially when I got them in the mail, I was so excited and spoke highly of them. Since the new has worn off, I have a new opinion. 

Images from Sunbaby

Let's break it down:

Cost: Amazing! At $60 for 12 Diapers and Inserts it's a steal. 

Look at how chubby milo was. Makes me happy :)

Customer service: Great! I ordered these diapers right before I moved from hawaii. I was nervous they wouldn't arrive on time. She assured me they would and so they did. 

Style: One thing that I really didn't like about other diapers--they were so plain. All solids. These prints are too freaking cute. Hello Kitty, Skull and crossbones, striped....and she keeps adding new ones. 

With Papaw Dave and Bubbles

Fit: I would say that the fit is good on Milo. There are so many snaps that it can adjust to fit pretty much any baby.  The diaper also has a trimmer fit so it isn't too bulky under clothes. The elastic on the leg isn't adjustable like some of the other brands, but I haven't minded. 

Oh yeah. Any rock star would kill for Milo's Hair 

Material/Construction: The Fleece inner lining is very thin and seems cheap... I mean, it is, but you don't want it to feel that way. It also doesn't do a good job at keeping the moisture off Milo's little bottom. I do like that there is a flap over the pocket opening. It prevents any explosions up the back. The back pocket gapes open though. The insert is pretty thin and doesn't seem to hold much liquid--mainly due to the thickness I think. The outer layer of PUL is not very water proof. That, coupled with the fact that the insert isn't very absorbant, means that Milo's clothes get wet if she goes too long without her diaper changed--like when we are out. 

Durability: They seem pretty durable. I've had minimal pilling of the inner layer. I will say that I'm a little nervous sometimes when I unsnap the snaps because it seems that the fabric will rip... but it never does. 

She's making the strangest face here :)

Overall: They are cheap, so if you really want to CD but don't wanna break the bank, this will work.  Or it may be a good one to add to your stash for use just at home during the day.  I will still continue to use them at home even if I do get more diapers. I mean they are super duper cheap!

We used sposies during the move and I am ashamed to admit that we are still using them some of the time. It's not like we've are even settled yet. I feel so guilty every time I throw one of those things away.... the cost, the environmental impact, the chemicals next to Milo's they start to stink. Ewww.  So, in the meantime, I am on the lookout for new diapers that Milo can wear out. I think I want some velcro ones to use at night. I'm not so good at snaps in the dark. Any recommendations???

Oh, looking at the pictures makes me realize how fast milo is growing. These aren't even very old. 

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