Pumpkin Patch

11:28 AM

Picture it. I'm sick. In Starbucks. Milo doesn't want to go to sleep even though its her nap time. She's fussy. And Crying. I'm trying to type with one hand while holding her with the other--while avoiding her trying to claw me. She tries to rip my shirt open and flash the world. I try to feed her--it doesn't work. People are starting to give me looks. This is a cycle while I am waiting for the pictures to upload and trying to order the baby proofing locks online.... It's just one of those days.... In an act of desperation, I put her in her stroller, snuggle her in, turn her white noise on, cover the whole thing up. She is crying. I start rocking the thing with my foot......and in an act of kindness, she is quiet. Hopefully asleep, but I don't dare lift up the blanket.

I cannot get internet fast enough. Next monday is the day!

This weekend we went to the Pumpkin Patch in Esher. It's at a farm shop and they have a pick your own section! If you know me, this is right up my alley. I don't know why it makes it any better than just going to their farm shop and buying the ones they pick. But I like the idea of picking my own veggies, but I am not advanced enough to have my own garden....yet. So it's a happy meduim. They do all the work. I pick the fruits of their labor. 

How could this little girl be the screaming girl I was talking about?! 
She is too cute!

This one is going to have to be blown up on a canvas or something. 

Milo and her daddy :)
She is contagious. You just can't NOT be happy around her.... well except when she is over tired....and even then she blows a raspberry on my face and I forget why I am frustrated. 

She wanted to crawl around in the dirt. Daddy is trying to keep her white leggings somewhat clean. 

This is Milo's Serious Model pose. Hello Baby Zoolander. 

She cracks me up here. Looks like the child of Raggedy Ann and a Scarecrow

She decided which pumpkin she wants... Now if she could only figure out how to carry it :) 

Snuggles with Daddy. 

Oh, I forgot to tell you I got my hair cut...again. 

Its even shorter. So Milo likes to spike it up. Like this. 

It gives her handles

So It was Milo's first Pumpkin Patch!!! I am going to be working on Milo's Halloween costume. She is going to be an Octopus. I dont really know what we will be doing, but she has to dress up for her first halloween! Maybe we will go to this. What are you or your chillins dressing up as for Halloween? 

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