Notting Hill-- Antiquing

9:00 AM

I may have missed it, but I didn't notice any hill.

I love the movie Notting Hill. So romantic. I really liked Hugh Grant in that movie and 9 Months….and Two Weeks Notice. That one's probably my favorite. Well, we didn't see Hugh Grant. We did see hundreds and hundreds of people. Everyone must have had the same idea we did.

I thought that was alot...then We got to the main strip...


Portobello Road is this famous road that has a ton of antique shops and a farmers/food market. 

I'm a sucker for both. They also had some beautiful doors. I know that sounds random, but I am a sucker for all the ironwork on wooden doors. 

I love antiquing. I've never actually bought anything super antique, but it's fun to look at all the old stuff.  Poor JR and Milo got stuck with me going in pretty much every single antique shop on the strip.  I didn't go in to the western store.... I mean, I'm from the's nothing new to me....but I can't picture anyone here walking around in some wranglers and a cowboy hat.... maybe there are underground line dancing places! That would be fun!

One of my goals is to find a pretty antique ring while we are here. I found one at a shop here. It even had an inscription on the back. Part of it was illegible. 

"_____ Stanley  22nd January 1813" 

It was an enamel and pearl ring.  Really pretty, but they wanted like £350 for it and honestly it didn't seem worth 500+ USD.  But I love old stuff. Like I wonder what the story is behind it. Is it a gift from her husband on their wedding date? or to commemorate the birth of their son? We will never know. 

There is a huge antique fair further out of London that is held twice a month. I am definitely excited to hit that one up. I hope to be able to come home from Europe with some interesting things that we can keep for years to come….and then maybe pass along.  I love the ideas of passing old things to your children. It seems things are so much more meaningful if they have a story with them. 

Do you have any tips for antiquing or any neat things you have found? 

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