Milo's Hair

4:00 PM

Normally when you have a baby you have to learn how to do a million new things…..breastfeed, changing diapers, suctioning their nose. One of the things you don't expect to have to learn for a while is styling your little one's hair. Well, Milo was born with super long hair. Like she could have donated to baby locks of love. 

The nurse styled it for us at the hospital. It was so cute. I was going to put it in cornrows, but I don't know how :) so we kept doing the faux hawk….or just let it go crazy. She had perfect rock star bed head. 

Then it got a little longer and she started looking like a hobo.

 So I gave pigtails a try and to my surprise, she had enough hair.  Isn't She adorable. 

But I got a little lost after that. I mean, I cant style it the same way every single day. But if we leave it down, her hair gets in her eyes. A clip works ,but she has so much bangs and her hair is so soft that it only holds for a little while. 

Her hair kind of has a mind of its own.... and its not like I'm going to make her sit still so I can blow dry it or something.  Have you seen that toddlers in tiaras? That takes crazy to a whole new level. This is how JR styled her hair the other day…. The embarrassment has begun. I don't know what he was thinking. Even she looks irritated 

Then in a bout of desperation I pulled her bangs straight back and clipped them. And what do you know? it looks good. But she would look cute in anything. 

So the styles we have are: bangs clipped back, Bangs clipped straight back, and pigtails.  I tried putting it in a pony on top 'O her head….. but she looked like a troll :)   Anyone out there have any suggestions? Pretty Hair clips, new hair style, baby hair products (if there is such a thing).... Can anyone relate to the long hair?  I don't want to cut her hair. I'm just trying to figure out what else to do with it.

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