Milo Photo Shoot

11:24 AM

I'm always looking to improve my photog skills…..I've read a great way to do that is to just take the leap to manual mode… I put my camera on completely manual. (I normally use Aperature or Shutter speed mode). Honestly, I don't know exactly what I'm doing. I have checked into the lighting triangle of Aperature, Shutter speed, and ISO. I understand aperture and shutter speed, but the ISO is still foggy to me. Anyways, Milo is always a wonderful model and it's not like I could ever have too many pictures of her……so we had a little photo shoot. 

She has started doing this thing where she puckers her lips like this and goes "whooooooo" over and over. 

Using manual with a lot of indirect natural light was actually pretty easy. I was really happy with how the images came out. I have tried outdoors and haven't quite nailed how to do it with a TON of direct sunlight. Its going to take some more fiddling. 

I know her eyes seem really dark. Some people think they are brown. They are actually hunter green with amber flecks. They haven't changed in a while, so I kinda hope they will stay this way. Her hair is getting super light though. At the roots it looks to be my color. 

As you can see below, we have started using our shelves to put shoes on. We can't put anything else o there because Milo pulls it off.  

Mop Head

These Images are SOOTC (Straight out of the camera). I really want to learn to edit pictures well. Right now, I just fiddle with it till it looks better. I don't actually know what I'm doing. (I think thats the second time I've said that in this post….I think it's a testament to wing-it mentality when it comes to crafts and hobbies. Fake it till you make it. lol) Anyway. Does anyone have an editing program they recommend? I have a mac.

I got this reversible Zutano Hoodie for 50% off at a baby boutique in DC. I'm so glad my grandmother introduced me to Zutano because I love it....Milo is already wearing 12 months stuff. I think by january (when she is actually 12 months), the current clothes will be snug. Luckily I buy hoodies a bit bigger. 

I try to buy some unisex stuff that way I can use it for the rest of my kiddies.

So we discovered Milo loves cauliflower.  Our neighbours brought us some from the local pick-your-own farm (the same one we went to for the Pumpkin Patch). It's delicious. Anyway. I broke a few small florets off for Milo, but had the large one on the table. Of course she goes for the huge one and proceeds to chomp into it….lol.  

I love this face... I caught her mid sniff.... Its like one of those celebrity tabloid shots. I could say now that Milo is arguing with her BFF Addie over their future Mabry Husband.... but really she's just sniffing. 

And then Later on in the day, She was playing so hard that she literally bust her pants open….nice. 

Guess what?! I get internet Monday!!!! oh yeah!

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