Kitchen Catastrophe

11:53 AM

As I mentioned before. We moved into our new house last friday.....well technically we started sleeping there on saturday. On the floor. The hard floor. And my body isn't what it used to be. Someone should really explain to you that when you have a baby lots of things change....not just your stomach. My hips are fragile. Like old lady hips....they get sore all the time. Its ridiculous. Me sleeping on the floor is not a good option. I was so desperate that I wanted to pull all my clothes out of my suitcase, pile them on the floor and sleep on them. Luckily we bought extra pillows and I made a little makeshift bed. It was definitely not comfortable, but it worked. The movers came Monday and dropped all our stuff off. Two guys unloaded the entire house. Then they "Unpacked" our kitchen.  Check it out.

So this is what we have been working on. The rest of the house kinda looks the same... So we have our hands full. I will put pictures up as we get rooms organized. But I know you all are really interested in Milo. So here are some pictures. 

Milo and JR dancing. She loves it and makes this face and does her snorting/sniffing laugh

All bundled up for the cold weather. 

She found daddy's credit card already. She is definitely my daughter :)

She's getting so big 

She stood up for the first time the other day. Without holding on to anything. It only lasted for a second, but she I have a feeling she will be walking in the next 6 weeks....Heaven, help us, 

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