Hunger Games Review

8:30 AM

So, since I am stranded without internet or television at home, I decided to start reading again. JR picked up the Hunger Games trilogy about a month ago and was  determined to read it. He just started the 3rd book. I thought I would start reading it. JR's Sister, Kasey, had tried to get me to read them before, but they didn't seem interesting to me. But I was desperate…..and it didn't disappoint.  

I get extremely absorbed in good books. Like I can't put them down. I read the first book in a day and a half, the second in a day, and the third I tried to read slow and made it last 2 days. I just couldn't put them down. Since I started reading them, I can't stop thinking about them, dreaming about them, wondering what will happen next…. And now they are over… waaaaaaaaaaaa :'(  

The good thing about having a bad memory though is that I can wait a little while and read them again…. like before the movie comes out. I probably could even read them again now. There are so many names and little details that I am bound to pick up more the second time around. 

All in All, I think it is a great series. There were a few parts that didn't flow amazingly…. and it didn't end well in my opinion. I wanted things to end up a little cleaner.  If you haven't read the books, STOP HERE…. I am about to spoil things for you.  Skip over the colored text---seriously don't read it. You will enjoy the books more without my opinion influencing yours. 

---------------------SPOILER ALERT-----------------------
The third book really was a bit of a disappointment to me. Kind of like new moon of the Twilight series. Everyone is depressed---even the reader…. It ended up awful. I mean, Come on! at least tell me a sweet story about how Peeta captures her heart and they have these beautiful happy times together. Instead it cuts off after she realizes she needs him then fast forwards to a clip of their children…. which is a good ending. But then all she talks about is how she is still depressed.  Maybe it's because I am not as mature in literature as other readers may be. I like there to be a nice clean ending to things and for it to be happy. Now I will forever be depressed for poor Peeta--the sweet boy, ruined by the capital, who deserves someone who loves him the way he loves her. And Katniss--the girl who still can't let herself succumb to her true feelings….and whose kids will be robbed of a joyful loving mother….. just like she was. 

OK. I just had to get that out. I really enjoyed it. Although, munching on my dried mango while I was reading made me feel guilty. Like a capital snob. Over the weekend JR and I stayed up super late--like 2am. To me, I might as well have stayed up all night. We never stay up that late. 10pm is normal, 11 is  feeling a little risky, 12 is very out of character, 1 is unheard of, and 2 is just insane.  

I sat on the couch reading with my noise cancelling headphones. JR sat on the other couch and watched 3 movies…. Blow, some old Harrison Ford movie, and Terminal…. He's so funny watching movies. He actually laughs out loud. Sometimes when we watch TV, we have to pause it because he is laughing so hard that he starts crying. I am the opposite. I rarely laugh out loud….even if I think somethings funny. I tend to laugh at the things JR doesn't even think are funny, but I am just dying. 

So, My husband and I were comparing our imagined characters… who we picture certain characters as. I was surprised to find that we had similar people. I wanted to post them to get other people's input. These aren't the people who are actually going to play them in the movie, just  who I imagine them as. Who did you visualize them as?

Katniss-- Emmy Rossum

Peeta--Jesse Plemons

(doesn't he look exactly like matt damon)

Prim-- Dakota Fanning

Rue--Evanna Lynch

Cinna--Ewan McGreggor

I never really had this one nailed down... but it was similar to this pic of John Travolta

Effie--Imelda Staunton

Gale-- Steven R. McQueen

So, by my list, you can tell I love vampire diaries, Harry Potter, Day after tomorrow, Friday Night Lights, Secret Life of Bees, Down with Love (or anything Ewan McGregor really). 

So, That's how I would cast the movie if I was in charge. Alas, I am not.

Now that I am done with these, I am in dire need of a new series… .Someone? Anyone? any Ideas? Please help keep me from dying of boredom. 

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