The Hubbs

10:55 PM

He may wear plaid with stripes

He may use the wrong vocabulary

He may make the ugliest faces--every time he makes this face I want to poke my eyes out.... I don't know why he keeps doing it. Prolly because I despise it so much.  

He may wear white ankle socks with shorts (instead of the proper no show socks)

He may pronounce words wrong. 

He may be completely clueless in fashion

He may be pretty much color blind


He took such good care of me during the pregnancy and delivery

He works hard so that I can stay home and raise Milo

He makes Milo laugh louder than she ever laughs with me

He cleans and organizes

He does all the heavy lifting

He treats Me and Milo like a Queen and Princess

He gets the biggest smile watching her 

He always does things for me without being asked. 

He carries milo in a flowery carrier or hot pink stroller without thinking twice

He has the prettiest green eyes

He is my wonderful husband and an amazing father and I love him. 

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