Happy Halloween!

10:12 AM

Keeping it short and sweet because, guess what?! They are finally installing my internet today!!! Hey, Hey, HEEEY! I haven't had my own internet since August 4th! Yes, 3 MONTHS AGO!!! We have been using other wifi and finding internet where we could. 

But, I had to show you the pictures from our halloween fun yesterday. We didn't go trick or treating. I mean. Let's face it, I don't think Milo should eat candy and JR and I really don't need it either. JR bought a bag of candy from costco for the trick or treaters. He's been eating it. Let's hope we don't get too many visitors tonight. We don't have much. I will have to resort to giving them vegetables :) 

We haven't seen the leaves change in 3 years.... and they are just beautiful!

We went to the Crockford Bridge Farm shop for halloween. They had a play area with pumpkin, a creepy teepee, Face painting, and homemade ice cream. The ice cream was Milo's favorite part.  We had lunch in their restaurant. 

Milo gave peas a chance as you can see. 

Such a cute picture and of course I go and ruin it by puting my hand in there. 

Milo was an Octopus. See the Tutorial on Yesterday's post. 

Evidently Milo likes goards, or squash, or whatever that thing is. 

Her favorite thing about her costume was eating her legs. 


I forgot how much I love Fall. 

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