Get Your Priorities Straight

2:49 PM

Before I get into the meat of this post, I wanted to tell you about a package I got in the mail. My Grandmother--Milo's great grandmother--Sent us a package in the mail with some silk long johns and a snow coat and bibs for Milo. They are great and I am so thankful.....She also sent some Onion Goggles.  Yes Onion Goggles. I love cooking. I love onions. They evidently don't love me. Unless their love is blinding--in that case they love me real good. I am super sensitive to whatever awful chemical they release. Their survival mechanism is potent--but I always power through. My grandmother knows this and got me some certified onion goggles. They may be dorky as all get out, but You better bet I am going to wear them. 

So. On to the actual post. I will be the first one to admit that I have faults. I am moody. I have expensive taste (I swear if the price is right had a game to guess the more expensive Item, I could win. I always pick the more expensive thing--without even looking at the tag). I am indecisive. I am critical.  I have extremely high standards for myself.  I am a perfectionist on some things.  I get stressed out about getting everything just right. 
 I have many more, but these are the things that I have become more and more aware of. These are things that I don't necessarily want Milo to pick up from me. I want to be happy with the person I am.  Not worrying about every little detail and stressing about losing weight or looking perfect.  A few months back I had a talk with JR and told him what was important to me. I want to have a lot of babies and stay at home with them. I want to have a good kitchen (cooking is one of my favorite things). I want to grow as a family (emotionally, spiritually, in every aspect). I want to enjoy my children. And I want to live a healthy lifestyle.  To make this attainable, I set a sort of Mantra for my life. Anytime I find myself stressing about things or trying to make a big decision, I ask myself these questions....

What does God say?
Now, let's be honest. I'm not perfect. I wish I could say that I am in a place in my life that I read the Bible everyday and have immense faith, but I can't….. But I do strive to get better in that area…. Part of growing in that area is me asking myself this question. 
I started reading Radical by David Platt and it talks about how everything in life in temporary…. that perfect outfit doesn't really matter in the long run.  Being cool or liked isn't going to help you get into heaven. I think taking a Biblical look at situations really helps me with prioritizing. 

How does this affect my Health?
Should I spend a little extra money buying fresh ingredients to cook at home? Sometimes doing things that are good for you is hard. Especially if they are more expensive… I just know that I want to lead my family to a healthy lifestyle. 

How does it affect my family?
If you get down to it, family is most important---Everything else is the icing on the already wonderful cake. I get the itch to go back to work sometimes, but I feel that its best for Milo if I devote my time to her. (I understand this scenario is not always possible financially or emotionally, each family knows what's best for them) 

Is it important to me? 
There are things that we do simply because we enjoy it or we like it. I love cooking. Not the rushed, gotta get food on the table, whip up whatever type of cooking….. but the recipe hunting, farmers market, fancy grocery store, leisurely, yummy cooking. I think we need those types of things to enjoy. 

I find myself falling back into my same habits of over stressing about things…. When I realize it, I take a beat and ask myself these questions.   It may seem silly, but I feel like I tell myself I need be so much….Pretty, fashionable, thin, healthy, perfect mom, aware parent, loving wife, knowledgeable, cultured, 5 star chef, avid Christian, craft goddess, home decorator, and a million other hats that I think I should wear.  By trying to be so many things at once, I end up failing at them all. If you are still reading, you get brownie points….The take home message is… We don't have to be perfect. Find out what's important to you and devote yourself to those things……now that I say it like that, it sounds simple. I can't believe I wrote a whole post on it. Well its not simple for me :) 

This post was inspired by a post I read over at O My Family. 

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