BREAKING DAWN (Part 1) Trailer #2

12:06 PM

So, I know I JUST posted, but..... This is extremely important. 

So I am a huge twilight fan... I've read the books like 3 times...along with all the extras on Stephenie Meyer's website. The other day just for fun I watched Eclipse along with all the DVD extras. Normally I reread the books before each movie comes out. I listened to podcasts. So I think you get the point. I love twilight. Well since Milo was born, I haven't really been in the twi-loop. But after I finished the Hunger games I figured I should read breaking dawn again to refresh my memory.... 

I saw this video yesterday and it hit me. IT'S 3 WEEKS AWAY!  JR is going to watch Milo so I can go see it. I am pretty sure he knows that :) If he doesn't, I know he will anyways because he loves me. 

 It looks SO Good. For those of you that haven't read the books because you think the movies are stupid, just do it. The books are way better as we all know.  For those of you that think it's just for teenyboppers---first, get over it......second, read the books :) 


The london premiere is on the 16th. Selfishly, I wish I could camp out or something to see the red carpet up close. I could have Milo a little onesie that says Team Edward!  It just doesn't seem doable.... I may have to look into it though. I mean I am still breastfeeding. What more do I need? I wish Lacey was here. I know she would go with me :(  The Official Premiere site Says people will start lining up on thursday the 10th!!! but they will give out wristbands then...maybe I could get a wristband and leave and come back for the premiere. Does it work like that? Anyway, I am excited for the Movie when I do get to see it. 

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