Boot Sale!

9:54 AM

So today I got a little taste of home…and by home, I mean Tennessee. Isn't it funny how I haven't lived there in 5 years, but I still call it home. I love being from the south. It kinda makes me sad that Milo won't be a "southern Belle" :( But I guess she gets a little better story :) Anyway. It was beautiful. I just wanted to throw out a big fluffy blanket and have some snacks and take a nap in this beautiful field.

They aren't lying when they say the english countryside is amazing….

But I couldn't really lay out and lounge because this was on the other end of the field. 

This weekend we went to a boot sale. Not for actual boots. I wish. It was like a trunk sale. People drive their cars to this big open field, pull all their stuff out, and sell it. Seriously this thing was the size of at least 3 football fields... Hundreds of cars. 

It was kind of a mix of a thrift store, flea market, antique sale, and yard sale all in one. They had everything….clothes, toys, antiques, furniture, junk, strollers, tools, CDs, Records… I mean the list goes on. 

These are some things we scored. 

Cost Breakdown: 
Abbacus: £1
Stacking rings 50p
Cup: £1
Farmer Joe: £3
Old piggy banks:£24
Train Toilet sign: £10
Burlap Bags: £2 
The burlap bags are not pictured. I was too lazy to go get them out of the craft room to take  a picture. They are really cool printed, like coffee bean bags. I plan to make a pillow or tote out of them. 

A Bickiepegs Doidy cup. They are tilted so its easier to see the liquid---making it easier for little ones to drink out of. 

Milo loves these things already


I collect knit/crocheted toys for Milo and our future kiddies. Honestly, I haven't let Milo play with this yet. I'm afraid she is going to break it. I guess that defeats the purpose of it being a toy.... She just stares at it as it sits on the shelf saying ooooh ahhhh. Plus I'm afraid she will eat the little potatoes. I mean, seriously,  how cute is this thing? 

JR saw these old piggy banks and fell in love. You lay the coin in the monkey's hand and pull the lever and it drops into the organ. Then the other one you lay the coin on the gun, pull the trigger, and it's supposed to shoot into the tree. It doesn't actually work....but it's still cool. These are heavy cast Iron.

Then I bought this sign for our bathroom--an old train sign. Its cast iron as well. I think it's my weird sense of humor, but I think its great. 

Here are some more pictures from our fun filled day. 

Notice they call it candy floss.... not cotton candy 

Cool old tiny sewing machines. 

A tiny play stove then a strange serving man. 

 This is a rocking horse from the 1950s. We seriously contemplated getting it for Milo, but it was pretty tall. I mean she wouldn't be able to use it until she was 5 or so. But it's still cool. 

So that is one of the fun things we have done lately. And here are some pictures I've been meaning to put up for a while. 

This is our first time driving on the wrong Left hand side of the road. We drove about 2 hours up to the nearest base to pick up our car. 

Freaky isn't it. 

The next pictures were taken from a moving vehicle... 

All in all the trip went well. Milo was not happy about being in her car seat that long. Since we take public transportation or walk everywhere, she hasn't had to ride in it for a long time. 

Oops. Milo knocked over the telephone booths. 

So here are some more moving day pictures. Milo was such a good sport. She got sleepy and took a nap.....on a nice fluffy cushion. 

a couch cushion

The movers just kept bringing stuff in. She was out. We use the white noise on our phone to drown out the noise. 

Check out this picture. You will notice all the tupperware that milo pulls out every time I am in the kitchen. She just wants to help. and she is eating...wait, Whats that green thing on her shoulder? Well, Milo scratches her head when she gets tired. She was eating some brussell sprouts and reaching back to scratch her head and left her brussell sprout on her Too funny. 

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