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Today, I'm linking up with Wild and Precious in her Breastfeeding is fashionable series.


Whether you breastfeed, plan to, used to, know someone who has, or are just curious--pop a squat and read up.

Let me tell you about my breastfeeding experience. Before I had Milo, I knew that I planned to breast feed--because being a nurse we learn that is the best option for your baby. Now I am not saying that is the only option and I understand that breastfeeding doesn't work for every mom and baby. Honestly, I wasn't looking forward to it. I didn't really know anyone that had breastfed. It seemed weird and uncomfortable to me--but I wanted to try "to make it to 6 months." I read Womanly art of Breastfeeding before Milo was born and was ready to give it a go.

 Breastfeeding made me feel so powerful-- not only providing for my baby in the womb, but nourishing her now. Breastfeeding soothed her. No matter what was wrong, I could feed her and all was right in the world. It made me feel confident as a mother.

I'm feeding her here. Its her new favorite position. 

I'm still breastfeeding and Milo is 8 months old. Honestly, I plan to breastfeed until Milo doesn't need milk anymore. To me it doesn't make sense to stop breastfeeding and give cow's milk because they still need milk. I have perfectly good milk-- free, fresh, always available, straight from the tap, and made for my baby. Yes, I breastfeed in public.... in restaurants, on airplanes, in the carrier, at the grocery store, in church.... wherever we are when she needs to eat.  There is no inappropriate place to nurse.  I never go to another room unless the scenario isn't conducive for us.  I never show any breast-- I don't want my goodies hanging out there just as much as you don't want to see them.


In hawaii, no one ever gave me a second glance. It's very common there. When I went home to tennessee to visit, I got a few sideways glances and funny looks when I fed Milo.  It doesn't stop me from nursing. People can just get over it. It would be completely different if I was hanging out for the world to see. I understand why people frown upon that.

God created breasts for feeding your babies. There was a time when we didn't have formula--breastfeeding was it. Somewhere along the road breastfeeding became taboo and controversial. Which is insane. There are tons of references to breastfeeding in the Bible. Check out this article that goes into more detail. 

My experience with breastfeeding has been so positive. I am interested in becoming a lactation consultant when I go back to work. I really can not tell you enough about how good it has been.

As for being literally "fashionable," I like the recommendations they have over at Milk Friendly
She does categories of Nursing friendly clothes:

Easy up: flow tops that you can pull up and nurse with a nursing tank underneath
Easy down: Strapless things that you can pull down 
Easy open: button or zip tops.

Here are a few things I would wear:

This is kinda baggy and easy to pull up got this at a Banana Republic outlet for $8.99 :) Perfect paired with a nursing tank.

Here is the top I was wearing in the pictures above. Its a lounge top that I made and dyed.  Its so baggy that I can put her completely under it. Great for travel.

I found this top at Banana republic outlet for $7.99 (OMG) and the top is a deep overlap V. I have on a nursing tank underneath.

Although I often find myself wearing v-neck or scoop tops that I pull down... although its starting to stretch the necks out so I am looking for new options. 

I want to encourage women in breastfeeding. It's not always easy with the soreness, tenderness, occasional biting, scrutiny from others, complicated wardrobe choices, and much more. I do occasionally pump so that JR can watch Milo. For those of you who love someone who has made the choice to breastfeed, show them your support. You don't even know how much that means to them.  If breastfeeding didn't work for you and your baby, I'm happy that you found the best solution for you. Every situation is different.

The important thing is Happy and Healthy Mommy and Baby

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