Baby Octopus Costume DIY

8:53 PM

Don't you just love dressing up for halloween?! Don't you hate buying an expensive costume?! Don't you hate that it is only used for one night?! 

Well I knew I wanted to make Milo's costume and saw this really cute Octopus costume. I had absolutely everything I needed to make it. It is 100% free! Once Halloween is over, it can be disassembled and everything can be used again! Now that's my kind of costume! It also takes no time at all to make. So those of you who still haven't found your kid a halloween costume for trick or treating--read on then get your bootie into gear and whip up a super cute Octopus costume!

(This is for the no waste version)
7 pairs of tights ( or 6 women's knee high socks and 1 pair of tights)
8 safety pins
Wide ribbon or elastic
Solid Onesie
White Felt
2 black buttons or Black felt
Black thread

stuff one leg of each pair of tights with stuffing

Tuck the rest of the pair of tights into that you would socks. 

Repeat 5 more times :) 

Take a cotton beanie, cut out white felt Eyes and hot glue them on. Glue on black buttons or Black felt circles. I added some black stitching to be decorative. You can also use tulip paint to simulate the stitches. 

Measure your child's waist and double it. That is the length of elastic you need. Double over the elastic and safety pin the legs in between the 2 layers. Center the legs on the elastic. If you use a ribbon you will need to make yours longer. Part of the ribbon will serve as a be sure that when you place the legs, you only spread them as wide as your child's waist and leave room to tie. Now, Read below where I talk about a gap. You may want to leave a gap in the front so the legs don't get in the way of crawling. 

I secured my elastic with 2 safety pins. When you secure it, THere will probably be a bit of a gap where you pinned the elastic together. At first, I put the gap in the back so Milo wouldn't sit on the legs... but then she got tangled up trying to crawl. So I moved it to the front. It works out good because her legs sprawl out in front when she sits down. 


This took me less than an hour...... 

If you have old tights that you plan to get rid of anyway you can do it differently:
Cut the legs off the tights, stuff them, sew them in between 2 layers of ribbon or elastic. 
You can also hot glue buttons on the underneath side of each leg to act as suction cups! It would be adorable, but Milo needs her tights this winter :) 

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