Video Girl

8:28 AM

Even tho our phones dont actually work, we have been carrying them around. Its like a crutch. We just cant function without it. I use it to tell time and before i leave i map out the route im taking then take a picture of the google map.... its sad. But we have also used them to take here are some pics and videos we have accumulated:
Hot Chocolate from the cafe down the street

Milo passed out in the carrier

Milo being usual
Milo in her noise cancelling headphones at church

We also have some videos :) 
Using her "walker"

Milo at the play area in church

Everyone was just dancing out in the square... it was so neat to watch

 JR and Milo dancing along

Worship clip from hillsong

JR and i were bored and started doing the wave with my scarf.... yeah. really bored. Anyway. JR was taking it so seriously telling me i was doing it wrong and i was laughing so hard that i was crying... i guess milo picked up on it and started cracking up. I have never seen her laugh this hard.

We went to look at a couple houses yesterday.... nice, but they weren't the ones..... 
These are from our point and shoot: 
Before we left Walton-on-thames, we had dinner at a pub by the train station. Milo was out by the time we got there and we made a pallet on the floor and she slept through the meal. I feel like we've become "those parents" the ones that other parents look at and think, "i cant believe they are : letting their daughter sleep on the floor......letting her play with her that to eat....carrying her around in that carrier all day..... letting her wear that...... still nursing her....Bringing her to a fancy restaurant....have her out in this weather....bring her everywhere..." the list goes on.... but you know what. I am having a blast and i feel like milo has enhanced our life in every way and if i lived my life holed up in the house all the time i would get bitter.... I love going out and taking milo everywhere i go. ....And when she is 14 and hates my guts, i will know that i spent all the time i could with her when she was younger and soaked up those precious moments..... 

I mean, look at that face. She's adorable with those pigtails and purple adidas sweatsuit... courtesy of our Underwood Family. 

Well i hope you enjoyed the pics and videos. Have a great day everyone!!!

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