Wonky weekend

6:35 PM

Friday we went and looked at a house and had a horrible time with getting around. First off, we dont have a car so we are using public transportation. Then we dont have a phone to call the realtors to tell them we will be late or to look up directions or anything.... I could go into major detail about our troubles, but in the end we saw one house then JR went by himself to see the 2nd.  Tuesday we are going to see 4 houses which we are both really really excited about.

Cell phones: so we have been planning on getting phones for about a week now and finally saturday we went to get them.... because we just moved to the UK, we do not have any UK credit.... so we couldnt set up a monthly phone contract..... so JR decided he would try to unlock our phones from the mainland and buy a pay as you go sim card here... he's been working on it all sunday night and we still dont know if it works. :(

So, I am extremely indecisive.... If you know my sister, you know its a Boak girl thing... Its not that i dont care because if JR picks anything, i'll tell him why i dont like it. It usually ends up with us wasting a ton of time not deciding and then we figure we will just head out and start our day and decide the rest while we were out.....and then we end up not doing anything.  Well thats what happened saturday. I wanted to go to a museum or farmers market. JR wanted to stay home and bum it. So we went to get phones then our day kinda fell apart a bit...but we did get lunch at Portofino

Milo was snoozing in the carrier

JR sporting his cute and comfy grizzlies jacket. Courtesy of the Fox's (seen here at a Milo's first grizzlies game)

So then the TN game was saturday night..... It started at 830PM our time and JR watched it online being streamed. So of course Milo had to show her support
I think these 2 pictures are adorable. Of course i was so busy trying to capture the cute moment that i didnt realize my camera strap was in the picture. 
Cutie pie
Her eyes look really green if you blow this pic up. they seem like they are greenish brown hazel right now. I really hope they are green or hazel. They are so pretty right now.... very dark green and amber
We are #1.... except they lost. Dont tell JR i said that :)

Watching the game on the computer

Touchdown!....milo is not impressed

JR tried to get her excited on touchdown #2

Touchdown #3 seemed to get her a little excited. :)

So weather is getting colder here which is nice.... i got to wear my ugg boots courtesy of my Daddy.... and it feels like i am walking on clouds

We got Milo's amber anklet in.... JR thinks i'm crazy, but i just let the facts speak for themselves. Since milo has started wearing the anklet she hasnt had any medication and the first night woke up 2x, second night woke once, and third night woke 2x... before she was waking up 3-5x before.... i could get it down to 2-3 if she took medicine during the night..... she is still a little fussy during the day, but it really seems to be helping. So i will definitely continue using it and am ready to get the necklace in. I know that our readers are mainly in the US, but i ordered ours from Dino-Daisy (she ships to the US)

So sunday we went to Hillsong Church again. Of course they were having Compassion international sunday. Not that there is anything wrong with that (JR and I sponsor a kid) but we still didnt get to hear the normal pastor preach.....so we are both hoping that next sunday the normal pastor will preach a regular sermon so we can decide if we like it.

I had read about the UpMarket and the Backyard market in our travel book and was so excited to go see them. So we went to check them out.... and i was pretty dissapointed. 
Maybe i just wasnt in the right mindset. It was super crowded and it was kinda like a thrift store with a few craft things mixed in. There were a few good booths and maybe i could have found some good clothes if i scoured the booths, but that wasnt possible with milo and the stroller while it was so crowded. There was another market that looked promising, but we were too tired to check it out and will have to go back another day. 

Here are some pictures from our day: 

Check out this image on a wall in an alley. 

look closer


Its carved into the wall... how cool!

This was comforting :)

Over the weekend we also went to breakfast at The original Maids of Honour. The Maid of honour is a pastry that was King Henry VIII's favorite and he kept it a secret recipe. You can read about the history here. I had a Maid of honour, decaff english tea, and scones with clotted cream. The clotted cream sounds gross huh? Think the flavor of homemade whipped cream, but in butter form. It was delicious.... and i think i will be having a lot more. :) Just bloggin about it makes me want to go back there for lunch today. Here is the inside. we sat right in front of that left window. 

Anyway so our weekend was slightly wonky... nothing really went as planned, but all in all we had fun. And I am so ready to go looking at houses tomorrow. 

Side notes: 
-This week, for the second time, i have been mistaken for a Canadian. I dont know if thats good or bad
-We got some special K red berries and it has strawberries, cherries, and raspberries.... i thought the one in the US only had strawberries. Can anyone confirm this?
-Milo is getting so tall that she can look over the top of the crib rail when she stands up. I'll try to get a picture. 
-I forgot to tell you that milo has a boyfriend at church. Hes 3 and has shoulder length white blonde hair. He gives her hugs and kisses and brings her toys. He is super sweet....and has good taste. 

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