Windsor castle

12:47 PM

Let me preface this by saying that my husband is extremely prepared and organized.....sometimes a bit too much.... Whenever he does one of these things, i call it a "Booker Move." Because his dad, Dave Booker, happens to be the most prepared, thorough man i know and Mrs Kim is very i know that technically I am a Booker now, but these traits didnt magically transfer over to me..... but JR still says im the brains of the operation, so i must have something good onto my story.....

So Monday we decided to do a dry run to JRs work so there would be no problems tuesday.....Such a Booker thing to do :)    So JR looks up the directions of how to get there and everything. We walk to the tube, take the tube to richmond, take the train from richmond to feltham (where he works). Its then that JR realized that he didnt look up the directions from the train station to his actual work.....So not a Booker move.  I was shocked and appalled! ..... so we decided to go to windsor castle instead since we were already headed that direction..... so we had to wait for 30 minutes for a train to come back by.... then about 5 minutes before the train gets there JR finds his building on the map posted at the station which he has been looking at the whole time..... Now thats a JR move...but thats another story for another day.

So we head off to windsor castle and its a lovely little town with a castle smack dab in the middle. JR kept saying he felt like he was at epcot :)  Anyway, here are some photos.

Milo sleeping on him a big ole hug


The castle....see what i mean...just plopped in with the other stuff

Welcome to our humble abode

Dad got to carry milo for a bit today

Our ad for Beco carriers and

Milo loves train rides

And her cute sweatshirt and shoes courtesy of the Underwoods....and her adorable pants courtesy of GiGi

and kisses for momma :)

We had lunch at this wonderful little italian restaurant called Zizzi. And we had a wonderful time. You know there are those times that you have an out of body experience and realize this moment is perfect and you try to soak it up....well maybe you dont, but i do..... and during lunch we had one of those. There we were in the Windsor next to this gorgeous castle, enjoying a delicious and fresh such a wonderfully decorated restaurant. JR is playing with milo and she is just giggling non-stop. It was perfect.....and then i pulled out my video camera to try and capture it and i ruined it.... moments like that just cant be captured.... So i need to start taking some ginko biloba to improve my horrible memory. Anyways. Hope everyone has a wonderful day! Love you! 

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