Poor Man's Macro Photo Challenge

1:29 PM

Oh I love Photography...Not as much as you, you see. But I still love photography. Always and forever. 

I like takin' pik-chaaas. Maybe because I have a horrible memory and photos help to jog it. I was on the yearbook staff my junior year of high school then senior year I was Photography editor (which is really just a fancy name for picture girl).  I stopped in college--nursing school left no time for extra-curriculars. My grandmother bought me a Nikon D40 for Christmas one year. With Living in Hawaii and having a baby, my interests in photography have slowly increased. I now have a Canon Rebel T1i with the kit lens and a 50mm f/1.8 lens. I wanted to try and find fun photo challenges to...well, challenge me. 
I found this neat tutorial and thought I would give it a go. 

Supplies you will need:
•SLR camera
•2 Lenses (doesn't really matter what kind)
•Lots of Light. Sunlight, External flash, whatever you've got... I was next to a window and used my speedlight flash. 

Thats it! I guess that's why they call it the poor man's macro :) 

This is what you need to do:
1. Switch both lenses to manual focus. 
2. Place one of the lenses on the SLR (I used the Kit lens)
3. Make sure both lenses are zoomed all the way out 
4. Turn the other one backwards and hold it to the the front of the lens on the camera. So you want both lenses to be facing each other. 
5. Hold them where they are completely touching or really close. 
6. Get close to whatever you are taking a picture of. Really close. Like pretty much touching it. If its blurry still, get even closer. 
7. Its a little tricky but fiddle with the focus till the image is clear. 
8. Once I could see the image clearly, I just moved slightly forward and backward to get the whatever object in focus. 
9. Take a TON of shots. Its hard to tell exactly how the image will turn out. 

This is the quick and dirty way to do it. To make things easier you could use a tripod and/or a macro coupling ring like this to hold the lenses together. On to the shots.... (click to enlarge)

This is the flower shot with my 50mm lens

Here are the Macro Ones. 
 The black ring around was made by me holding the lenses slightly apart. 

The color on these is crazy with the sunlight

 Here is the coin shot with my kit lens

 The flash was reflecting in a really cool way during these photos. 

So, try it out this weekend. Send your Photos to < Heather @ ayoungwifestale . com > and I will post them up here. Happy Clicking :) 

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