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11:16 AM

Milo wanted to do a post today!!!!!!

Hey Guys! Not much has been going on here the past few days.... just trying to get settled in.... Daddy has started going to work. Me and Mommy just hang out at the apartment bc i havent been feeling so hott. I have 3 teeth coming in and its the worst thing thats ever happened to me....But its a good thing that i learned how to say Momma.... because now i can call her anytime i need her... which is pretty much all the time..... so me and mom are having a bit of a rough patch..... but dont worry....once i'm feeling better we will get back out there exploring. Its starting to get really chilly here. Im already having to wear pants and sweatshirts when i go outside. If its this cold now, i dont know how we are going to make it through winter.

So since we arent doing much, i thought i would get on a share a few pics of your favorite subject....ME.

Look familiar

How bout now?
This is one of my token sleeping poses

Here are a few pics of me during my playtime after bath..... i love bath and this is the best time of day!...

Here is another of me knocked out on the couch. They finally got me an actual crib yesterday. 

I had mom get out our point and shoot camera.... turns out she hadn't unloaded the pictures since february... There are a few blurry ones, but sometimes they still capture the are a few of my faves...
When i was little i loved looking in the mirror....heck, i still do. 

I dont even look like myself in this picture. 

Chillin at kailua beach park...reading a book.

I love this outfit!

Here's one of me and mom! 

Me and my main squeeze Walker... i miss that kid. 

Me and dad at Bellows.... 

THis one is more recent... my hair is awesome. 

Its a Jungle out there!!!!   
This is in waikiki with my cool friend lacey. 

these are from the road trip to STL.... don't worry, we were parents aren't cool enough to let me out of the car seat when the vehicle is moving. 

Mommy loves this picture!...she says i look all grown up...

Here's My girl Jacinta.... We met up when we went to DC. She took us to this great creole restaurant... mommy wouldnt let me eat anything, but it sure smelled good. 

This is the other day. My parents took me to a Pub...thats right...A PUB!!!!.... i didnt want it to have a bad influence on me... so i went to sleep. 

Hope you guys have enjoyed my update!....I gotta get back to giving momma a hard time...Love you!

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