Let's recycle a Bunny!

9:59 AM

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I know ours was chocked full of stuff. Before i get into our weekend, I have a few pictures from last week's Baby led weaning escapades. 

 This one isn't baby led weaning. Its just cute. 
 and Watermelon again.... Believe me. I now have seen the Watermelon Crawl and the song doesn't mention that it's no fun to clean up. 
 My nappy headed darling eating sweet potato. 
 Who like's sweet potato????  I DO!!!!
 Watching TV... I know, Im a bad mom. Blah blah blah. 
 Brocolli again!
 Inspecting her food
 This is her new hello kitty cup. It has a pop top that she loves to drink out of. She is a hawaii girl after all--hello kitty is in her blood. 

On to our weekend.... Friday, JR gave me a little "me" time. I went to get a haircut and had the best scalp massage and shampoo I think I have ever had. I wanted to give the guy a hug after he finished, but I thought I might look like a weirdo. You know, some people are huggers. They hug random strangers. I am not one of those people. But that massage was so good, I almost broke code. After my hour or so of "me" time, I felt like a new woman. (I still feel weird calling myself a woman. Like its too grown up. But I don't think you get much more womanly than having a kid--so I guess I hit womanhood). 

Then we went to dinner at the Botanist. They had a great little lounge area for us to have dinner. Eating out with a small baby is so much easier when they have room to move around.

A lounge is best, but a booth will work. A table and Chairs is probably the least baby conducive scenario. So anytime we find a restaurant with a lounge area or booths, we make a mental note to revisit.  

Snuggles with Daddy

The waitress was smitten with Milo and brought her a flower. (because babies love to eat flowers and rip them apart :).

 "Oooh Pretty" I'm quite expressive...lol
Yes, we are color coordinated. Yes, I plan it. No, I'm not ashamed. 

 Milo has also started to eat some of our food. Nothing too crazy--just bread and sometimes veggies. This makes our eating out experience a little easier too. It keeps her occupied. 
 taking some of daddy's bread. 

 Saturday we went to the Natural History Museum. Its free, which is really nice, but means that it was super packed.
 It was surprisingly similar to the Museum of Natural History that we visited in DC. I don't know why I expected the history of nature to change from country to country :) 
 Don't let this empty area fool you. It really was packed. This is just the boring area of the museum.... it was filled with things like this. 
 This is the decomposition of a bunny rabbit. I kid you not. The audio playing was saying "Let's recycle a bunny!!!" It was disturbing. The parents didn't want their kids to have nightmares. 
 Life size whale. Can you imagine swimming in the ocean and seeing this below you. 
This is the outside of the museum.  
 My Studly Hubby. 
 Milo wanted her picture taken. She kept pulling at the camera. 

After that, we had lunch and walked down to Harrods. I have been really wanting to go. But after battling the crowds, we walked in and JR immediately asked to go home. Normally, I might pout till he agrees to stay, but I didnt. That should be a testament to just how tired we were. We are going to go back another time. So we came home and chilled out the rest of the day. Sunday we were bad and didn't go to church. JR got up with Milo and let me sleep an extra hour, bless his heart. Then I got up and he slept an hour. Then Milo decided she needed a 2 hour nap.... Then we moseyed on down to the cafe in the square for lunch.... and some sweets. 
 Be jealous. These were delicious. 
 Milo and JR. Its scary sometimes how alike they are. 
 Yeah, we're awesome. 
Mommy and Me!

Well ladies and Gents, thats all for now. I hope you have a wonderful monday! Keep an eye out this week. I have more posts planned as the week goes on. Peace out!

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