House Hunting

9:44 PM

Before I get into house hunting i wanted to tell you a couple things i forgot. We had dinner the other day at a pub down the street and sat right next to Annabel Rolley and Ewan Porter. They struck up a conversation and were smitten with Milo. They introduced themselves as Annabel and Ewan and told us they were golfers and had moved from the US recently (tho they are not american). I googled them when i got home and what do you know, they popped right up even tho i just searched their first name. really nice people. 

Milo is getting to be pretty good at going out to dinner. give her some food and she will munch and have fun. Sometimes she even falls asleep and we lay her out in the booth. We went to a kinda fancy restaurant the other day and milo had a ball. She was like a little princess lounging in the pillow.  Over the past week or 2 we have started calling milo P. Kew.... Its short for Princess of Kew.... Because everyone just fawns over her and we cater to her every need and carry her everywhere.... Here she is.  

In the UK you cant carry pepper spray or Mase...or any kind of weapon at all. So i saw a hiking whistle in the sporting goods store the other day and thought it would come in handy.... At least i can make a ton of noise if i ever were to get into a bad situation. Anywho.... Milo has discovered this whistle on my keychain and loves it. she blows very gently then giggles..whether it whistles or not. This is her playing with it: 

Now that you've had your Milo fix, on to house hunting. We looked at a total of 7 places today and have 2 more scheduled tomorrow. Here's the rundown. 

House 1: It was nice, but they had some offers already in on it so we would have had to bid higher than we wanted to pay. oh well... 

House 2: It was a typical english home...lots of character

The owner had redone the kitchen 

It had a heated pool

Lots of wood

Nice bathtub

Large master

Fireplace in the entryway
another view from the backyard
all in all, it was nice, but it didnt really have a good living room and it was a bit run down. 

House 3: Nice but JR didnt reallly like it. Said it was too cramped

Now honestly we stopped taking pictures. We were getting discouraged. Then we went to House 5/6 (they are the same layout and location). We really liked these so for privacy, we wont post the outside pics. Here is the interior. Its newly built, Nice open layout, large living room, 5 large bedrooms, 4 or 5 baths (cant remember), has a parking spot and a garage. 
This isnt the best pic of the kitchen.... its always hard to get an accurate portrayal. 

Looking back on the pics, its way nicer. Anyway. We think this is the winner, but we want to be sure so we are going back tomorrow to check out a couple others. 

After those houses we were tuckered out and had lunch... Here we are at Giraffe:
(im trying to teach milo how to color.... instead of eat the crayons)

After lunch we met up with a different realtor for the last house. 

Milo was asleep and bundled. It was cold. 

The last house was in a really nice neighborhood and had a nice yard... but that was about it.... 

This is a really random blog post, just wanted to update you all on whats going on. Ive got some cute pics of milo but i am trying to get a photo editor. I researched and there is one called GIMP thats free and can be used on mac... but im having a bit of trouble downloading it and getting it set we will see...I may have to just use Picnik in the meantime

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