Hillsong London Review

9:35 PM

So this weekend our travel in and out of Kew was a bit hampered because of the Tube closing in that segment. Anytime we wanted to go somewhere we had to take the bus to another tube station then take that to wherever it is we wanted to go. Well saturday we went to Kingston--a town that we were looking into living. 

We only really saw the town area... It had a mall and a ton of shopping. It seemed to be the closest thing to the States that i have seen. It was kinda crowded tho and we didnt get a chance to see any of the actual homes. We stopped by the farmers market and picked up a few fruits and veggies for the week....thats definitely my kinda place. 

We did buy JR a blazer and slacks because he has to wear a suit to the embassy. The gentleman that helped us out was so nice and loved our accents because they were "warm and welcoming"... i'll take that :) Then we came back home because we were beat.... had dinner at this great little Italian place down the street.

Moving on... the review of sunday mornings church service at Hillsong london :)    As some of you may know, we had a lot of trouble finding a church in Hawaii... it was extremely frustrating and honestly made it hard for us spiritually while we were there. Moving to london, we feared the same things: not finding a church with good Worship, good preaching, and good people that JR and i can hang out with. 
A couple people told me about the Hillsong church in london.... so i looked it up and prayed for the best. Its held in a Theater, which is pretty cool. We were greeted by several people on our way in. 
A gentleman offered to carry the stroller down the stairs (JR was carrying milo). I agreed and he walked us through the auditorium to another room for families with small babies where they were video streaming the service... i was a bit bummed, but figured we could check the auditorium out later. JR went to the auditorium to take a few pictures. 

I sat with milo on the play mat.... and i wasnt getting a good vibe.... some lady was singing super loud and off key... not really anyone was there.... but as the time passed, it all changed. I started exploring the room. It had:
-A big flat screen in the front streaming what was going on in the service.
-A Huge foam play mat with tons of toys for the kiddos
-Noice cancelling head phones for the babies that are sleeping or dont like the loud music
-A bar complete with Milk, tea, coffee, water, cake, a microwave, and bottle warmers
-An area with a row of high chairs set up for feeding babies.
-A private nook for nursing if you are shy or not handy with a cover
-a diaper change station with diapers and wipes
-stroller parking
-a pack and play
-and by the time the service started it was filled with parents and their babes.
They had a prayer/worship service today... so pretty much they worshipped and prayed for specific needs and prayer requests within the church. Their pastor was doing a conference through europe. JR and i always seem to visit churches when there normal pastor is away. It was good though. The music was great. We met a ton of people. Milo and I scored a play date and got invited to an event thursday for women in the church (kids are invited too). Needless to say, i loved it. JR even met a guy that does mapping stuff like him. I couldn't get over how friendly everyone was. They all were super talkative and played with milo. It was wonderful... But pray that we like the pastor too because that's the missing piece.

After church we went to the Marble arch... I demanded that we go because it was so cool and blah blah blah... im envisioning the huge arch i saw when i went on vacation with my grandparents all those years ago.... yeah i was wrong... its a different arch--still pretty, just not the right one. the right one is in Rome... duh....i felt stupid... 

but we had lunch and walked around for a bit afterwards....These are pics of our view seated outside at lunch:

Milo using mommy's scarf bc its a bit chilly

Side Note: Thanks everyone for buying milo winter clothes... we are already using them and will continue for months to come. 

after that i tried to talk JR into going shopping at some of the stores nearby....that was until some extremist people started chanting or whatever (it was 9/11) then the british people were chanting and singing UK patriotic songs back... tons of police... we decided it was time to go home... got me a little nervous. We hid in the adidas store until the coast was clear and left.

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