A fresh start

11:11 PM

In case you havent noticed, we have combined our blogs (the hawaii one and Milo one). This will make everything easier. And I have made our blog cute :).... So just wanted to give everyone an update...
The trip over: The trip was good since the flight is shorter than from hawaii. It was 6 hours and 45 minutes. Milo was wake for the first 3 hours....playing and stuff. She didnt get fussy  for a while. Then she slept for the last 4 hours....JR and I dozed on and off while she slept, but you know how it goes. You cant really get any sleep on a plane...Unless you are in first class or milo's size. We landed in london and had to wait a while in customs but everything went smoothly. Everyone just ooh-ed and ahh-ed at Milo....

We took a london taxi to our apartment..... Its up a flight of stairs. So guess who got to lug all 6 of our humongous suitcases and stroller....JR....and he did a great job. After we got settled a bit, we took a nap and explored the square near our apartment that has shops and food.  We pretty much just hung out around here to relax and unwind. Here are some pics of the area up the street.

Ive found that signs here are straight to the point...no beating around the bush. 

Today we decided to go into london. First we took the tube to buckingham palace, then walked to West Minster abbey and Big Ben. Then we walked over to a took a ride on the london eye. Then, just as we have heard about, it started to rain. We were unprepared and got wet. I sacrificed and covered milo with the blanket so she wouldnt melt. We eventually passed a place that sold umbrellas, but not until after my Vibrams, jeans, and hair were soaked. Side note: Vibrams are definitely not made for rain. We had a bit of trouble getting to the london eye because of the construction on the tube system around there, but we made it. Then ate at wagamamas.... i thought it was good, but after living in hawaii its hard to get asian food as good as it was there. And oh how i will miss the good asian food. Well anyway. We are now back at the apartment and are sleepy. Milo was so exhausted after the long day of being carried and waited on hand and foot that she just spread eagle on the bed asleep. :) here are some pictures from our day....

gates of buckingham palace

buckingham palace

milo is attached to me...she just gets cut out :(

I cant remember the name... St Mary's i think at west Minster

West minster 

Our means of transportation...thats right. No car

My hunky hubby and big ben :)

the london eye. 

Milo is fearless.... she looked out the window the whole time. 

Part of the tower of london

one of the guards at the tower of london

Tower bridge

Just strolling back to the tube station

Milo is pooped

So that has been our time so far. Milo is getting 3 teeth on the top all at the same time so she has been a bit fussy. Pray they will stop hurting soon so she can get some rest....and by she i mean both of us. Thanks to everyone who has been praying for us and messaging on facebook. Its nice to hear from family and friends. I feel a bit disconnected since we cant really call anyone yet. We have been doing skype with some of our family. JRs screen name is jrbooker. Look us up and friend us. We would love to chat. Keep in mind we are 6 hours ahead of memphis. We usually have skype pulled up from 7-10 here which is 1-4 there.... Hopefully we will figure out the whole cell phone thing soon and be able to call other times too. We love you and miss you! Hopefully we can keep this updating on a roll.... The more people comment...the more it makes us motivated to keep posting :P

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