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Living in temporary quarters has its ups and downs.... one of the downs is that we cant really baby proof. We don't want to buy stuff we won't need in our permanent place. And some baby-proofing involved screws and we can't do any damage to this place. So, we are improvising.... 
she's like "seriously, You think this is going to keep me out?!"

This is her pulling with all her might on the spoon....let me tell you how it ended. Milo was on the floor ...but only for a second before she tried to get to all the fun chemicals under the sink. 

Milo has become very interested in the TV.... and yes, I'm aware my child looks like a hobo. One sock, no pants, shirt thats too big.... and you know what. thats ok :) 

 As some of you may know, I have been making my own baby food. It has been pretty short lived with us moving, milo didn't really get on a normal eating schedule.... and now she has decided she't too old for pureed foods. So i started giving milo little pieces of squishy food like potato, kiwi, etc... But she seemed bored..... i had dabbled in baby led weaning before, but now i am jumping into it.  Our first experiment was with brocolli. Here are a few pics from our experience. 

I know this picture is out of focus, but i LOVE it..... "Im gonna show this broccoli who's boss"

JR likes this one the best. 


This is the nub that was left after she ate the first tree

Yes, milo drinks out of a wine glass..... its what they have here and she doesnt like the sippy cup. 

And she chomps into the second one. 

Hey! stop taking pictures of me!

JR and I were looking at these pictures last night and getting sad at how big she is getting.... i feel like its going to fast, but i guess thats how all parents feel. I know we were by ourselves in hawaii in the beginning, but it was different then.....and we made friends and then had milo... Since we've been here, i feel that we are different as a family. Like this is OUR place... milo came to hawaii and we had memories there without her, but here every memory we make includes her.  I dont know if i am making any sense.  But we've had a lot of moments here where we all just lay in bed and play or have cuddle time all together.... and it feels like this is my life and always has been. These 8 months since i've had milo feel like they are more valuable than the 24 years prior.... thats such a sappy mom thing to say.... 

Anywho... you may be asking yourself how milo's teeth are coming... Well, let me get you up to speed....All 3 top teeth are now broken through the skin, but she still seems to be in pain. :( i guess these are gonna bother her more than the other ones. Maybe she'll get some relief once they are completely in??? I hate giving milo medicine. I know, a nurse who doesn't like to give medicine. How bizarre. I just feel like we probably all use a bit too much.....and shouldn't use it until we really need it. 
Since being pregnant, giving birth, and taking care of milo  I'm more and more convinced that God knew what he was doing when he created people..... There are so many times when i am amazed at a mother's instinct... or the fact that babies can actually be made and then we can nourish them outside of the womb with breastmilk.... which can also be used to clear up skin rashes... breastfeeding is also soothing and bonding..... So i am starting to think that we didnt have medicine when God created us... so maybe he gave us other ways of dealing with things..... Im not saying we will never take any medicine, but why not give the natural remedies a go first....Enter amber teething necklaces. These are worn by the baby. The jist of it is:
"Baltic amber contains Succinic Acid, a known analgesic reputed to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing of wounds. When worn by your little ones, the warmth from their body releases the amber's natural oils into the skin, soothing the misery of teething aches and pains. Baltic Amber is completely natural pain relief with no side effects."         

 Here is a tiny image of the necklace i got for Milo.... I also orderd an anklet in the Green Bean color. 

 I cant wait until they come in to give it a try. I really want something to give milo some relief without having to give her medicine.

Anywho, Here are some pics from today....
check out her crazy hair :) if you blow up this picture you can see the 3 nubs on top where her teeth are. 

whats up

Daddy brought home flowers for us!!!!  Check out how white we are in this picture.

Well we are gonna hit the hay. Tomorrow we are going to get phones! We've been without for like 2 weeks. I feel strangely liberated but a little lost. I think we will use our phones less these days...... its been nice being "unplugged"...granted i say that and both JR and I are sitting on the couch side by side, both on lap-tops, skyping with kasey :)

P.S. We have our first visitors looking to come in december/january...... Rose and Fred Fox, Jason, Joseph, Morgan, and Addie may come to visit over new years! I am so excited and I hope it works out because we love visitors. Who's gonna be next??? We will have extra rooms.

UPDATE: one of my FAVORITE ppl in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD may be coming to visit..... drumroll..... ANDREW WOMACK :P


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