8 Months Young

5:26 PM

So, this week milo turned 8 months old. I cant believe she is growing so fast. All of you parents out there can relate. It just seems like there isn't enough time. Anyway, milo and i had an impromptu photo shoot because her outfit was just SO posh :) Here they are....

(Milo has learned how to ask me to pick her up... not the words, just the gesture)

After the hard job of being a model, milo took a nap in our bed and was just so cute that I had to snap a few pictures. 

 JR got home from work and decided to join her in her nap.... 

I thought I'd keep it short and sweet today. We've had a big day. I will post a weekend wrap-up sunday evening or monday--i've just been meaning to post these for a few days now. Have a great rest of your weekend. 

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