Beach Baby

6:31 AM

Well we have had an eventful couple of weeks. Aunt T (our friend Tricia) came in to visit. Milo had her first trip to the beach, first time to the botanical gardens, first time riding facing out in her carrier, first Grill out, and lots of other firsts.... when you are as new as she is, everything is a first. My grandparents (Rose and Fred Fox) are now visiting. But I just wanted to add a few pics so we dont get too behind.

Milo Loves her Aunt T

This is at the botanical gardens in Kaneohe. As you can see, it has a great view of the beautiful Ko'olau mountains.

It also has a great view of the bay

Milo also had her first trip to the beach. She decided it was too exciting to sleep and just soaked up the pretty view.

Cutie Patootie

Aunt T had her turn with Milo.

We also grilled out with a bunch of friends before the beach. This is Tim and Walker, with Milo and JR. We met Tim and his wife Jodie in our Childbirth Class

Smiling at her daddy :)

Happy Happy Joy Joy

You Talkin' to me?!


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