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Wow, we haven't posted anything since August. To our few faithful followers, we're sorry there hasn't been anything exciting to share... until now. The last post was a gender video for our expecting first child, now its D-Day (Delivery Day). It's also a special day because our baby Milo will share a very special bond with her daddy- the same birthday. Milo was born on 19 Jan at 2:45pm at Castle Medical Center in Kailua Hi. She is 20 inches, 7lbs 7.8 oz and A LOT of hair. After about 29hrs of labor the world received a heavenly angel.
Our adventure time-line (yes J.R. recorded it all for this blog)
Tuesday 18 Jan
- 5:00am we woke up and had a relaxing morning while getting ready to
depart for the hospital.
- 6:48 am we left for the hospital
- 7:10 arrived at the hospital and was able to go straight to our room.
- 7:40 nurse Nikki came in to start the administration paperwork.
- 8:40 Dr. Bhattacharryra arrived to put in the Cervadil.
- 12:30pm Heather was having really uncomfortable contractions and wanted
to go for a walk.
- 12:50pm A few passes through the garden and resting for each contractions,
she suddenly felt a "pop" and when she leaned up water came out.
- 2:40pm Heather decided to sit in the shower for 45min and let warm
water help relax her.
- 4:50pm after laying in the bed with increasing contractions Heather
decides to go back to the shower for 55 min.
- 8:00pm After about another 3 hours enduring the pains in bed she went to
the shower a third time for 30min.
- 8:30pm the pain was too much after 12hrs and with so little time between
contractions she requested an epidural.
- 9:00pm the CNRA administers the epidural.
- 9:30pm the epidural kicks in and Heather is chipper as a little bird.
Wednesday 19 Jan
- 2:00am Pitocin was added.
- 8:15am Heather and an OK nights sleep but starts feeling pressure below.
- 11:30am nurse checks on wet spot and saw baby's head at a +2.
- 1:40 Heather begins to push.
- 2:30 nurse calls for the Dr. to come down.
- 2:45 baby is delivered and put on Heathers chest.
- 3:05 Milo has her first feeding.

So that's the short of it, now what everyone wants - PICTURES!!!!

Delivery Day

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