Tennessee and Halloween!!!

6:12 AM

So, Another update... In october we went to memphis to visit the fam. It had been 10 months since we had seen our peoples. Ryan, my little brother, has grown so much. He was almost 2 when we went to visit. He's Huge.... just like a Boak man. Anyways, Here are a few photos of our time home.
I think those cars will never go out of style.

After Texas De Brazil... so full
We are sneaky

Little Giant!
What a cutie!!!!!!

Halloween was just around the corner. I dressed up as Rosalie from twilight. JR dressed up as Kermit the frog. He was a huge hit. All the girls loved him...lol.. i was the picture taker. Anyways... On halloween everyone comes down to the strip on waikiki. They just parade up and down the strip checking out everyones costumes. Here are some pics from that night.
Rosalie and the werewolf...uh-oh
Hottie #1
Hottie #2
Gabrielle and Jesse... how cute

Cereal Killer...lol
Jesse evidently has a problem with kermit
This is heather as rosalie.....
This is the actual rosalie....

well, thats all folks..... another update to come... sorry halloween update is so late.

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