Our Apologies

12:08 AM

sorry, we had officially abandoned our blog.....and our 4 loyal followers :)I wonder how many blogs just lie dormant out there....because their owners just forget about them. Well, Lucky for you...this one is no longer dormant. Over the next few days, i will be updating the blog with things that have happened since our last update. Enjoy.

So the first order of business is The Boak Boys Visit. They came in august to visit their awesome sister.

This is me and Joseph at Waimea Bay. Just chillin....

Evidently, real men wear polos and shades...

Believe it or Not, Joe really is happy to be here.

And the really cool people, well, they wear stripes!

The boys are pretty easy to please, we did all the touristy stuff. We went to the Hale Koa Luau!!!... the boys were checking out the local girls.... evidently they are interested in the culture...lol. They had a great time and Joe says he's planning on coming back this summer to spend a few weeks!!! how exciting! its strange to be all grown up and having my (pretty much grown-up)brothers coming to visit me... IN HAWAII!!!! No i am not going to say any names, but all of mine and JR's siblings have been to see me except 1.... and you know who you are... *cough*morgan*Cough*.... Anyways... onto another adventure...being in hawaii is awesome... BUT, sometimes you need a change from perfect weather and gorgeous beaches.... so we went Ice Skating...yes, in hawaii. Cosmic Ice Skating at that. It was Brilliant. Anyways, Below are a few photos.... you were technically allowed to take photos in the rink...so we could only sneak a few before we were spotted.

Enjoy... i'll be back with more updates soon

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