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Obon, pronouced Oh-Bone, is a buddhist tradition/event that is held to honor their ancestors. Different places celebrate this different ways. Here, they had a dancing festival for the celebration. THen they all went out and on the beach and wrote the names of their ancestors(or anyone that has passed on) on lantern. THey light the lanterns and let them go one the ocean....its beautiful.... Its dark at night and all you see are hundreds and hundreds of little lanterns floating out on the waves... it was great. Gabrielle has some great friends that live right on the beach at north shore. We had dinner next to the ocean and then walked down the beach to watch the festival...i cant wait for next year when JR can seen it (he was in austrailia...so dont feel too bad for him)....here are a few websites that talk about Obon followed by some pictures.... enjoy

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