Come on Catch Up...

6:26 AM

So I noticed it's been about almost two months but this has been a very quick summer, however, it feels like summer year round for us. I finished most of my travels to San Diego and Australia now I leave for Tampa in September then Heather and I will take vacation back to Memphis in October. Well, San Diego was beautiful and Australia was COLD and rainy (its their winter of course). Also, in Australia, on the last night ate both animals on their country's seal.... the kangaroo and the emu, and they were GOOD. When I returned home we were able to have Heather's brothers stay with us for a week and we did Pearl Harbor, ATV ride through Kualoa Ranch, luau, Waeimae Bay where we saw about 30 dolphins and sea turtles,jumped of the rock, had Fumi's Shrimp which was awesome, off roadin and MORE!! So that's it in a nutshell, I know you just want the pictures...

San Diego



Off roadin

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