5:01 AM

I love target (for those who dont know, its pronounced i have been miserable without it since i moved here, but in March they opened their 2 new locations on oahu. I went on the day it opened and it was PACKED! Hoards of people flocked to the shopping mecca. We didnt stay long becuase even with their awesome all-plastic carts, you couldnt even maneuver through the isles. We went again today. It was still busy, but much more tolerable. Since i have been without target for almost 8 months, we went on a little bit of a shopping spree..... there just isnt anywhere in hawaii where you can buy cheap home decor stuff.....its either really tacky tropical print or its super fancy and expensive. This is what they really needed in hawaii. There are a few changes they made to custom fit target to this tropical location. The employees wear read Aloha shirts (the Hawaiian flowery print) instead of solid red polos. They have quite a bit of SPAM paraphernalia (hawaii keeps SPAM in business). Needless to say i am thrilled that it is finally open! Here is a picture below.....

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