Coming to an end...

2:00 AM

I forgot to mention in the previous blogs... On Heather's last day we went for a LOOOOONG kayak trip to Coconut Island only to get there and realize it was low tide and we couldn't get out to the coral to go snorkeling so we turned around and headed back to the marina, thinking that it would be easier getting back since we were going into the wind it seemed that the wind shifted and was again going against on the way back... well it was coming to the end for Kasey and Matt so we saved the best for last... not intentionally though. The weather was finally good enough to do the Pillbox Hike so we ventured out to Lanikai to start up the hillside... the morning was getting hot but we finished it under 2 hours... the view was great for the guest and we ended the hike by cooling off at Lanikai Beach. The Last Supper was downtown in Waikiki at the new Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville. We continued down to the International Marketplace for some shopping when Matt came across the sound activated shirt. Needless to say he got one or five (for a production at church).
The company was a blast and it was great to see a familiar face but now I have to get back to the work mode, 5am will come early on Monday...

No Worry Matt didn't get the one on the right, haha.

More pics.


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