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Ok so its actually Friday. Matt and Kasey have already left but I have a little time to now update the blog... Last Friday, we hiked the Makapuu Lighthouse Hike, Heather and I have already blogged about this, it was where we went to go whale watching and of course it was the same outcome this time even though we didn't look that long... as Heather stayed waiting on our new mattress, I took Matt and Kasey to Kailua Beach to some time in the sun.. we had Mongolian BBQ at the Officer's Club at the Kaneohe Mareine Base. Before dinner we headed over to the Pyramids to check out the waves that the storm was bringing in and it was a sight to see.... Saturday was an ugly day so we drove to the North shore and stopped at Pipeline, Waimaea Bay, had shaved ice at Matsumoto's and shopped around Haleiwa. Matt was wanting some Mexican so we ate at the famous Mexican restaurant Cholo's...Sunday, we attended Grace Baptist Church in Kailua, Kasey and Matt seemed to enjoy it, needless to say it has a different feeling than Churches on the mainland... Monday morning we went to pick up our third guest Jordan, as soon as we arrived we hit the ground running, well, after lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise. Following lunch we hiked the trail at Diamond Head Summit National Park . This was the first time Heather and myself had done this one but it was very impressive. Thought the trail is very narrow and every tourist seems to be on it, it felt as if we were part on the 12 dwarfs whistling while we worked up into the mines...

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