Bush Booed at Inauguration 2009

4:13 AM

I was unable to watch the inauguration live because i had to be in surgery early today. I started hearing things from ppl throughout the day about the ceremony. Regardless of how i voted in this election, i respect Barack Obama because he is a great man. He has achieved many things in his life, this being the highest position in the US. He is a great orator and his speech left everyone empowered. I Hope that he will be the leader that the US needs right now....I know that President Bush was not everyone's favorite President. I however, respect him and feel he had the hardest job in the hardest time. Everyone makes mistakes, even presidents, i feel he did the best he could with he cards he was dealt. He is easy to blame.... I feel so badly for how many Americans have treated this man.....it breaks my heart to see someone broken and kicked when he is down....I'm sure he cannot wait to be done with this job... and on his final day, instead of showing him the Respect that he deserves. People Booed him.... And sang,"nah, nah, nah, nah , hey hey hey goodbye"... it made me want to cry. This may be a celebratory day for those who did not agree with his choices, but come on people! Show some respect! i feel ashamed as an American as other countries watch this and see how we treat our own President. I look forward in 2009 to seeing the changes that Obama Has play out. I hope that he brings America what it needs.....but i look back and see how so many people treated our last president...and i am extremely disappointed. God Bless Bush for being the President that he was and being silent with so much ridicule--God bless Obama for the trials that he must overcome..... below is a video i saw

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