one bad thing about Hawaii

5:31 AM

Well, we experienced what others have told us as a pain living in Hawaii, ROAD CLOSINGS. Not just a road but you have to realize that Hawaii has ONLY 3 HIGHWAYS. Luckily for us there are 3 routes H-3,LikeLike (pronounced LeakyLeaky), and Pali Hwy that can get us to our side of the island. Likelike was closed so my main route home of 20-30 min ride became 90 min because I had to go to the other route. All because Hawaiians FREAK when it rains so things get crazy so here's a picture sitting idol on the side of the mountain.

Just a picture of one of my papaw's places :)

This was one of the better haunted things Ive done in a while. It was a haunted lagoon ride through the Polynesian Cultural Center. They had people jumping out of the water and climbing into our boat. It also made it creepy because of the rain.

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