a little normalcy

8:53 AM

So....we havent blogged lately....sorry about that...we have been without internet and have been super busy.....this past friday, we moved into our condo... its great....we will have pictures and hopefully a video up soon.... So the movers came friday and brought all of the stuff into the house... that was nice that we didnt have to do any major lifting...So we started our mission that night and began frantically unpacking boxes hoping that everything would fit.... i am now proud to report that as of yesterday we only have 3 or 4 boxes that have not been unpacked....this is 3 or 4 boxes out of a total of like 176 cataloged items/boxes that we brought with us... anyway....we are enjoying the condo, but not adjusting well to life without air conditioning...we do have a portable unit in our bedroom that we are trying to use sparingly only for when we sleep. Most homes in hawaii do not have ac...if they do, they dont use it that much because the cost of electricity here is outrageous.... so we are trying to be careful. I am settling into my job....i have only been there 2 weeks, but like it so far..they even have a small bio about me on there website.... As for JR, he is doing great...playing racquetball with friends from work... we are juggling getting both of us to work with only one car... we are working on getting me a car....all in good time... Things are beginning to settle down now for us....as soon as we get a car...we will have somewhat of a normal schedule....thanks to all of you who are keeping up with our blog...we feel kinda special that you take time to check out our random thoughts and what is going on with us... We miss you all and will have pictures and stuff up soon.

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